Website now also available in Dutch and German

To better serve our clients, the Samsara Vegan Travels website is now also available in Dutch and German.

Serving our customers

To better serve our customers from non-English countries we have now translated our website and services in Dutch and German. If you prefer to read in your own language, you can now select a different language in the topbar of the website.
So if you are from The Netherlands, Belgium, South Africa, Dutch Antilles or Suriname, select "Nederlands" as your language.
If you are from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Luxembourg, select "German" as your language.

Choose your 2019 vegan holiday

For 2019 we have a large selection of vegan travels to different destination in Asia. On offer are interesting package tours to Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam from different duration. You can also choose from different departure dates, in peak season and also off-peak season, depending on your wishes.
We travel in small international groups (6-16) with people coming from all over the world to join our groups. Most communication in the group will be in English, but your tour leader also speaks Dutch, German an a little French.

Visit the website and choose your vegan destination for 2019!