Sustainable Travel

As a vegan tour operator we realize that all traveling has an impact on our surroundings. We are dedicated to sustainable travel, wherever we go. During our travels we always keep the following in mind:

Sustainable Travel - Buying Souvenirs

Buying souvenirs

You can support the local community if you buy souvenirs. Make sure you buy souvenirs that are handcrafted locally. If possible, buy them directly from the artist, rather than a large retailer or at the airport. These items could have been mass produced abroad. Also, refrain from buying t-shirts. They are often mass produced in low-cost countries and will not support the local community.

Waste reduction

Plastic waste is a huge environmental problem. Therefore, it is best to not use any plastic items, such as plates, cutlery or disposable plastic bags. Instead, bring your own reusable bags and utensils. We realize you cannot always avoid using plastic water bottles in some countries. Therefore, where possible buy a large container to refill your bottle. If you do use plastic bottles, make sure to put them in a recycling bin, or a regular waste bin so they can be collected. Also, take your waste with you until you find a way to dispose of it properly. Remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints!

Waste Reduction
Sustainable Travel - Interacting with Locals

Interacting with local people

Tourist destinations are not amusement parks: they are places where people live and try to make a living with minimum means. You can support the locals if you interact with them. Talk to them about what they are doing and how you can possibly support them. Sometimes tourism can have a negative effect on the local community and therefore it is good to learn from the local people and their culture.

Taking photos of people

Not everyone likes to have their photo taken. Always ask if people mind being photographed. Some people might ask for a donation. We recommend not encourage this kind of behavior. Most of all: don't take photos in secret.

Sustainable Travel - Taking Photos of People
Sustainable Travel - Sustainable Modes of Transport

Sustainable modes of transport

To reduce carbon emissions during our tours, we avoid using airplanes. In most countries we therefore use private transportation such as cars and buses. We are careful to use modern vehicles that have lower emissions. In some countries we only use public transportation, which is not only better for the environment, but also more fun!

Offsetting Carbon Emissions

Samsara Vegan Travels is working together with GreenSeat to make greener travel possible. As a result, you can book GreenSeat CO2 compensation on all of our travels! This way you compensate the CO2 emissions of your vegan travel and give households in developing countries access to sustainable energy. This ensures there is less CO2 in the atmosphere and improves the living conditions of local families!

To see how much you will have to compensate for your CO2 emissions for one of our travels, use the table in our booking form. To compensate, follow the link in the booking form, add your travel details & pay! As proof of compensation, you will receive a personalized certificate.

Sustainable Travel - Offsetting Carbon Emissions
Certificate Leading the Way - Responsible Guiding Practices


All Samsara Vegan Travels' vegan tour leaders successfully completed the “Leading the way” training, offered by the Travel Foundation.
This training teaches tour leaders how to incorporate good sustainability practices, the principles of responsible guiding and communication with clients and locals.