Private Vegan Tours

At Samsara Vegan Travels we are committed to providing you with exciting, relaxing and interesting vegan travels. We have carefully designed all our vegan tours to offer a friendly atmosphere where you can meet like-minded people. However, we understand an organized tour might not suit some people or situations. Therefore we also offer private vegan tours catered to your specific needs!

Would you rather travel alone or with your own group under the guidance of a professional vegan tour leader? No problem! Just let us know what works best for you and the travel companions of your choosing.

Whether you are a couple on your honeymoon, a family or friends traveling together or you just prefer the comfort and luxury of your own private tour, we can put together the perfect vegan tour for you.

Vegan Destinations

We are currently offering the following travels to the best vegan friendly destinations in Asia & Europe:

Vegan travels in Asia & Oceania

We can arrange vegan travels in Asia to Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, Japan & New Zealand. For an impression of each of the countries, click on the country of your choice.

Vegan travels in Europe

People interested in vegan travels in Europe, can choose our top vegan destinations Sweden and The Netherlands.

Samsara Vegan Travels Private Vegan Tours

Contact us with your wishes and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Send an e-mail to our private tours experts at:, call us at +31 636515427


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Private Vegan Tours

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