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Taiwan is an amazing island with impressive natural beauty, modern cities and a strong cultural heritage. The country formerly known as Formosa, and being influenced for centuries by Chinese occupation, today has a modern feel with many historical influences. From the capital Taipei, with the once highest building in the world as an eye-catcher, can easily reach beautiful national parks by bus. In contract to that Taipei also offers an interesting scene of night markets and flashing neon signs. Staggering cliffs and gorges can be found on the east coast, where the south offers the best beaches. The centrally located Sun Moon Lake is a beautiful location that attracts many visitors. Taiwan has a strong Buddhist influence, beautiful monasteries and temples can be found all around the island.

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Travel guidance

All travels to Taiwan will be accompanied by a Dutch+English+German+French(limited) speaking tour leader and a local, English speaking guide. The tour leader is the first point of contact during the journey. The tour leader has a lot of experience with traveling and gladly answers all your questions, but he is not a walking encyclopaedia. Also bring your own travel guide for additional information.

Your tour leader

StefanMy name is Stefan van de Wetering, 46 years of age and I am of Dutch origin. I have traveled around the globe extensively and have visited 57 countries so far (see image below for countries I have visited). I have a strong preference to travel in South-East Asia, Japan and New Zealand.


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Travel companions

We always travel in small groups, minimum 6 and maximum 16 travelers. The Travel is confirmed to depart if at least the minimum number of travelers have made a booking. In some cases Samsara Vegan Travels can decide to confirm the departure, even if the required minimum number of travelers has not been reached.

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