Below you will find our selection of Vegan Travels. Some of these are still being developed and are not ready to book yet. Please click on the Travel of your choice and find out when we will be going there.

The duration of the Travels mentioned are full days, starting after breakfast on day 1 and ending at the end of the last day. So no time is wasted on flights or transfers.

Check out our vegan destinations!


9, 12 or 21 Days Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that will never cease to amaze you. With breathtaking natural beauty, picturesque rice fields, the world's most spectacular cave systems in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park or the karst rock formations in Halong Bay. And don't forget the beautiful beaches along its 3000 km long coastline. Get acquainted with Vietnam's 4000 year old culture, its French heritage in atmospheric Hoi An or cosmopolitan Saigon. Read more

12 or 23 Days Myanmar

Myanmar is an almost unspoiled jewel in South-East Asia. Slowly opening up to tourism after decades of political struggles, the people of Myanmar welcome you to their country. In Myanmar you will find incredible natural beauty, amazing temples and the most inviting and friendly people anywhere in Asia. Read more

11 Days Nepal

Nepal is nestled high up in the Himalayan mountains. When we visit Nagarkot you can even see Mount Everest and other majestic peaks in the distance. But besides the overwhelming natural beauty that Nepal has to offer, you will also find very friendly and helpful locals and an abundance of cultural heritage. Read more

14 Days Japan

Japan offers a beautiful contrast between modern architecture, neon signs and all the newest trends and traditional ryokans, temples and castles. You can enjoy the trendy neighborhoods of Tokyo with its contemporary-art scene, its pop-culture or karaoke bars, and the numerous age old temples of Kyoto where you can witness ancient rituals.
No matter where you go, you will find Japanese people are very helpful, unbelievably friendly and polite. Read more

Sweden (coming soon)

Sweden is a country with an amazing natural beauty. Endless forests everywhere you go, rugged coastlines with picturesque villages and harbors, mountains with waterfalls and don't forget the wildlife. While driving through Sweden you might get an encounter with a giant moose. Sweden also has charming cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg with lots of cultural heritage.Read more

New Zealand (coming soon)

It is a cliche to make a reference to The Lord of the Rings, but New Zealand does have the beauty as portrayed in these fantastic movies (apart from the mystical castles and elfs). Its numerous nature reserves host staggering snow covered mountain peaks, turquoise lakes, glacial valleys and impressive forests. Read more