New dates for 2020 added


We have added new dates to our 2020 itinerary!

An Unforgettable Experience

All our vegan travels for 2020 are now published on the website!

There are new dates for all our South East Asia favorites and we have added a new destination: SWEDEN.


Stefan and Brenda have lived in Sweden and their experience with this beautiful country has let to our newest Travel. They have put together an exiting travel that takes you to many highlights throughout Sweden.

Soak up the culture in the beautiful coastal cities of Gothenburg and Stockholm and enjoy the great architecture.

Our tour takes you from Gothenburg to Stockholm by private transportation. On the way you will experience the beautiful countryside that Sweden has to offer, visit quaint villages, cultural -and industrial sites, such as the Dala Horse factory.

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Samsara Vegan Travels - Travel to Sweden

Sweden 2020 dates

Departure date           Arrival date          Duration       Price

10 June 2020           18 June 2020          9 days      € 1.970,-

22 July 2020             30 July 2020           9 days      € 1.945,-

26 August 2020    03 September 2020    9 days      € 1.995,-

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Samsara Vegan Travels - Travel to Myanmar


For our most exciting destination you have a choice between two options:

  • Our 12 day travel takes you to all the highlights of central Myanmar. From Mandalay to Bagan to Inle Lake, we offer a short but complete insight into the country, its ancient sites and vegan food.
  • Our 18 day travel has all of the 12 day highlights and more! It includes the formal capital of Yangon, Bago and Hpa An. Due to some recent unrest in the Hsipaw area, we have decided to swap this destination for the equally interesting and beautiful former capital city of Bago. As Myanmar is our most popular destination, we now offer multiple dates for both travel options in 2020.

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Myanmar 2020 dates

Departure date           Arrival date          Duration       Price

09 February 2020   26 February 2020   18 days      € 2.610,-

09 February 2020   20 February 2020   12 days      € 1.860,-

05 July 2020              16 July 2020        12 days      € 1.860,-

1 November 2020  18 November 2020  18 days      € 2.610,-

1 November 2020  12 November 2020  12 days      € 1.860,-

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Our second most popular destination in South East Asia is Vietnam. You can choose between two travels:

  • Our 10 day travel will take you from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) down to the Mekong Delta and then up to Nha Trang and Hoi An.
  • Our 21 day travel will continue further North and also include Hue, the amazing national Parks of Phong Nha, Tam Coc and Ha Long Bay and terminate in the capital of Hanoi.


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Samsara Vegan Travels - Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam 2020 dates

Departure date           Arrival date          Duration       Price

19 January 2020 30 January 2020 10 days € 1.678,-

08 March 2020 28 March 2020 21 days € 2.819,-

08 March 2020 17 March 2020 10 days € 1.596,-

29 November 2020 19 December 2020 21 days € 2.819,-

29 November 2020 08 December 2020 10 days € 1.596,-

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Samsara Vegan Travels - Travel to Japan


Because Japan is an amazing place to visit but sometimes not the easiest for vegans, we put a lot of effort into creating a travel that gives you a the best of both Japanese culture and vegan food

During our tour we mainly focus on the areas around Tokyo and Kyoto where delicious vegan food is relatively easy to find. Due to high typhoon risks in the summer and fall, we have chosen to discontinue our September travel and to put all our attention on the spring travel!

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Japan 2020 dates

Departure date           Arrival date          Duration       Price

010 May 2020 23 May 2020 14 days € 4.200

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Samsara Vegan Travels - Stefan and Brenda

We hope to welcome you on one of our travels in 2020!

Stefan & Brenda