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Samsara Vegan Travels is the first and only Dutch travel organization specializing in vegan travels. We offer package tours for vegans with plenty of freedom, to various interesting vegan destinations. We have already found restaurants with delicious vegan food, so that travelers can really enjoy and relax.

We travel in small groups with vegan companions, led by an enthusiastic vegan tour leader. Accommodation, transportation, breakfast and some excursions are included and where possible, we will visit an animal sanctuary.

It is now also possible to compensate for your CO2 -emissions. We are working together with GreenSeat to make greener travel possible.

We realize that all traveling has an impact on our surroundings and are dedicated to be the best supporters of sustainable tourism, wherever we go. This is why all our tour leaders have successfully completed the “Leading the way” training, offered by the Travel Foundation. This training teaches how to incorporate good sustainability practices, the principles of responsible guiding and communication with clients and locals.

At Samsara Vegan Travels, you can book relaxing, exciting and meaningful vacations and enjoy delicious local vegan-friendly delicacies. We are dedicated to making vegan travel easy and fun!

Our current destinations include Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal & Sweden. We are working on travels to New Zealand and several destinations in Europe, such as The Netherlands.

About Stefan

Stefan van de Wetering - Samsara Vegan Travels Tour Operator

Stefan is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable vegan tour leader. He turned his passion for discovering the world into work.

Born in the small country of The Netherlands, Stefan developed a taste for travel from a young age. Soon after graduating from University, the intensity with which he traveled increased rapidly.

Throughout the years, Stefan has quit several jobs to venture out into the unknown and to experience the ultimate freedom. So far, he has been able to visit 57 countries. While he has been to many countries, he has a strong love and preference for South-East Asia, Japan and New Zealand.

In 2018, he combined his love for traveling and a growing demand for vegan oriented travel opportunities, and started Samsara Vegan Travels, supported by his wife Brenda.

Stefan has been vegan since 2017. During his travels he has explored, and will continue to explore, many nice places to eat vegan food. His aim is to take all of his travelers to these restaurants so they don't have to do the searching. From experience, he knows how much time that can take and how stressful that can be.

Together with his wife and business partner Brenda, the aim of Samsara Vegan Travel is to give travelers the experience of a relaxing, exciting and meaningful holiday, to enjoy the culture & people, the animals, nature and, last but not least, the many vegan delicacies.

5 things you might not know about Stefan

  • Stefan has a degree in Engineering from the Technical University in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
  • Stefan is a expert in Fire Safety Regulations and has his own company.
  • Stefan was once a talented Ball room & Latin dancer in his early twenties.
  • Stefan spends his time, when not traveling for Samsara, house- and pet sitting in different countries around the world.
  • Stefan loves the vegan pizza and vegan sushi with jack fruit salad his wife makes.

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