How to Travel as a Vegan

Follow these tips and learn how to travel as a vegan

Traveling as a vegan can have its challenges. In this blog we will unveil to you how to travel as a vegan, and making traveling easy and fun.


Know your destination

Before you pack your bags and embark on your journey, make sure you know where you are going. This is especially relevant if you are vegan and need that vegan food. Make sure you know what the local customs are with regard to preparing food.

In Japan many dishes are prepared with dashi, a broth made with fish. Cooks use it for preparing most dishes, similarly if it is fried or boiled. Above all, they also use bonito flakes, which are also made from fish.
In India dishes are often prepared with ghee, an Indian form of butter. This is not something you can find out by looking at the dish.
Big chunks of meat and fish are easy to identify in your food, in contrast to the additives such as oister sauce and fish paste.

When you know these things about the country you are about visit, you can ask about it and make sure the dish is prepared vegan.



Market spices
Eating together

Find vegan companions

How often have you shared a table with non-vegans, having to defend your veganism? Your life is so much more fun with a group of vegans. There is no need to defend yourself at the dinner table, or to talk about veganism at all. You are finally accepted for who you are and what you believe in. Just talk about your vegan dishes and recipes or about the country you are visiting.

Even better if you can enjoy the company in a vegan restaurant, where even the waiters and the cook understand you.


Have your translations ready

If you are about to visit a country where you don't speak the local language you would be wise to have some translations ready. Make a list of words and sentences that are important for you as a vegan and prepare some translations. This helps you to communicate about your food wishes and other things.

Some people have already done something similar and do offer this online. Have a look at the following links to see of this suits your needs.

Vegan Passport

Making Sense


Translation balloons
Goat in Bhaktapur

Learn about local customs

In countries around the world, people have different customs and practices. These do no always correspond with what you are used to at home. Be prepared for what you might encounter so you can take appropriate action.

For instance, Bhaktapur in Nepal has a large goat population. These goats roam around the town center freely, which as a vegan you would probably appreciate. But on special occasions these goats also get offered on a public square, where the throat is cut. This is not something you would want to witness if you can avoid it.


Talk to people

A very good way to enhance your vegan experience while traveling is to talk to people, especially to the locals. If you are in doubt if the food on offer is vegan, the best way to find out is ask. There will always be people around to help you, if the person in question does not speak English.

You can also talk to people about other things than food, for instance animals or other vegan topics. Talk to them about the treatment of animals without being judgemental.


Myanmar woman
Yangon Animal Shelter

Visit a sanctuary

In every country on this planet you will find sanctuaries and rescue centers that care for animals in need. These places are mostly run by volunteers, who are always willing to explain about the good work they are doing.

You can pay a visit to one of these centers to learn more about the animals and to make your donation.


Use online resources

There are very useful online resources to assist you with your vegan travels. A very practical one to help you find vegan food is Happycow. They have a very large database of restaurants offering vegan food, often with photos and reviews.

Other websites, such as, have a lot of information about which items in the supermarket are vegan. Especially useful if you don't speak the local language.

Plenty of people blog about their vegan travel experiences, for instance Wendy Werneth in her blog The Nomadic Vegan.


Happy Cow
Stefan & Brenda

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