Below you will find a range of FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Click on the '+' icons to view the questions to the answers.

No you don't have to be vegan to join, everybody is welcome on our vegan travels. You have to keep in mind that everything on our travels evolves around being vegan. So you will have to refrain from eating animal produce around your travel companions. Please do not bring any animal products with you on the travel.
All accommodation is included and all transportation between destinations. To give you maximum freedom in choosing your own options we generally do not include meals on the travel. Breakfast and some meals during excursions are included. Check the itinerary of your travel to see which meals are included. During our travels we will stop at plenty of attractions. To give you maximum freedom we generally do not include entrance fees, so you can choose for yourself if you want to join. Flights to and from our start and end point are never included. For more specific details what is included in each journey check the itinerary for that travel.
Transfers to and from the airport are not included. Our travelers come from all over the world and usually arrive on different flights and at different times. In addition, some travelers choose to arrive 1 or 2 days early to acclimatize. You will have to make your own way to our hotel, but we will provide information about means of transportation to and from the airport. If you would like to share transport from the airport, we will try to bring you into contact with other travelers.
Absolutely! Single travelers are more than welcome. Our advertised prices are based on rooms shared with 2 people. You can choose to have your own room: we will charge you the single's supplement as specified in the 'Practical info' tab of your travel. If you would like to share a room we will try to find another traveler of the same sex.
Yes! The costs of health care abroad or an unexpected repatriation can be huge, even in countries in South-East Asia. To prevent these high costs, travel insurance is required. For all our travels you are thus required to obtain adequate travel insurance for the full coverage of medical assistance and repatriation. Samsara Vegan Travels can ask for proof of this insurance.
No you don't. Yyou can make your own choices as much as you want it. For that reason we do not include most meals and attractions. This way you can choose if you prefer to join the group or do your own thing.
Yes. Due to mandatory compliance with EU laws, there is a difference in payment method for EU and Non-EU residents. EU residents can use the platform Transferwise to transfer the money to our Guarantee Fund. Non-EU residents have the option to pay with PayPal or credit card. These credit card payments will be handled by Stripe.

We will be happy to arrange extra hotel nights if you want to stay in the hotel that Samara Vegan Travels is using in that location. Rates depend on location and are specified in the 'Practical info' tab of your travel. If you require extra nights, you can specify this on the booking form. In Japan hotel rates fluctuate a lot so we can not give you prices up front. Therefore, contact us for more information.