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Stefan & Brenda in Göteborg

Hi! We are Stefan and Brenda, owners of Samsara Vegan Travels and this is our story:

For most of our lives, we have both been avid travelers. We have had the pleasure and luck to be able to see a lot of different countries and experience a lot of different cultures and vegan destinations.
Our love story even begins on a website for travelers, if you can believe it!
When we both went vegan for ethical reasons, we experienced a few difficulties that made traveling suddenly a lot less fun and a lot less relaxed. Finding vegan food was quite a challenge and in some places finding something edible would take up a large chunk of our day. Because of this we had less time to see all these wonderful places and less time to enjoy them.

Back in The Netherlands, we thought to ourselves: we can't be the only vegan travelers with this experience. There must be a lot of vegans out there worrying about being able to find vegan food in the countries they want to visit. What if we could take away that hassle for them by organizing vegan travels, so they can truly enjoy their holiday while still being able to adhere to their vegan principles?

Out of this, Samsara Vegan Travels was born, the first and only vegan travel company in The Netherlands

Samsara Vegan Travels - Stefan van de Wetering


Stefan is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable vegan tour leader. He turned his passion for discovering the world into work.

Born in the small country of The Netherlands, Stefan developed a taste for travel from a young age. Soon after graduating from University, the intensity with which he traveled increased rapidly.

Throughout the years, Stefan has quit several jobs to venture out into the unknown and to experience the ultimate freedom. So far, he has been able to visit 57 countries. While he has been to many countries, he has a strong love and preference for Myanmar, Japan and New Zealand.

In 2018, he combined his love for traveling and a growing demand for vegan-oriented travel opportunities, and started Samsara Vegan Travels, supported by his wife Brenda.


Brenda has been interested in countries, cultures and languages from a young age. She has a Master's degree in Social Anthropology and has spent several portions of her life living in different countries. Together with Stefan she has lived in New Zealand, Sweden and the UK and they have traveled all over South-East Asia. Although many countries interest her, she is particularly passionate about New Zealand, Sweden, Myanmar and Japan.

Brenda has her own health coach business and is currently devoting much of her time to Samsara Vegan Travels as a media expert and vegan tour leader. She hopes to one day be able to add health and meditation related travels to the itinerary.

Samsara Vegan Travels - Stefan Waldekker

Together, we form a strong team with a lot of experience and passion for what we do and love. Our aim is to make vegan travel easy and fun and bring together like-minded people who love exploring the world as much as we do.


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Contact us for questions, travel suggestions and tips, or just to say hi. We are always happy to meet fellow vegan travelers!

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