7 Reasons to choose Vietnam as your next vegan holiday destination

There are many reasons to visit Vietnam. We have summarized the 7 most compelling reasons to plan your next holiday in this amazing country. This is why you should choose Vietnam as your next vegan holiday destination.


Great vegan food

Vietnam is a great place to find vegan food. Many dishes are vegan or vegetarian in the first place because of the large Buddhist community in Vietnam. Vegetarian food is called 'chay' and is consumed by Buddhist monks and also by other Buddhists on Buddhist holy days.

Most restaurants will know what it means and have food ready. It just needs a few tweaks to make it 100% vegan, for instance no egg. Nowadays there are also plenty of restaurants that cater for vegans specifically, especially for vegan tourists. So you will never have to worry about finding your vegan food.


Mushroom hotpot
Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

The natural beauty

You will find the landscape in Vietnam amazing, no matter where you go. First of all the stunning coastline, several thousands of kilometers long. It features sandy beaches, rocky shores and enchanting islands. More inland there are beautiful national parks.

For instance Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park with the largest cave systems in the world. Or Tam Coc with its beautiful karts mountains and quiet waterways. And do not forget the island paradise of Halong Bay. There is something to see for every taste.


Friendly people

The people in Vietnam are very welcoming and will help you wherever they can. Talk to your waiter in the restaurant and he/she will fix anything you ask for. They are very proud people and will happily tell you about their country.


Stefan with Vietnamese friends
Hoi An

The rich history

Many people will know Vietnam from the terrible wars that have waged there over the last century. The Vietnamese people have been invaded many times by many different nations, and that has left its marks on the country and its people.

There are great museums where you can learn all about the history of the country. There is also plenty of colonial heritage to be found, for instance in Saigon, Hanoi and Hoi An.

Because it is inexpensive

For international tourists Vietnam is very good value for money. Food is inexpensive, especially if you buy it on the market. You can eat your evening meal in a restaurant for less than € 3,00. And a local bus to travel around Ho Chi Minh City will cost you no more than 0,23. Even a taxi ride is only a few euros.


Street vendor
Long Son pagoda

The culture

Vietnam is adjacent to Cambodia, Laos and China but has its own very distinct culture. Not in the least because of the way they dress, for instance the hats. These are especially useful to guard you from the rain when working in the rice fields.

About 13% of Vietnamese people are Buddhist, which makes it the largest religion in Vietnam. You can find beautiful Buddhist temples all around the country. They are a great place to relax on a busy day and find your inner peace.


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