Travel with Vegan Companions

Travel with Vegan Companions

Like-minded people with like-minded ethics

Travel with Vegan Companions

Eat Vegan food, all the time!

All restaurants checked and approved

Travel in Small Groups

Travel in small groups

for a more flexible, authentic experience

Travel in Small Groups

Visit a Sanctuary or Rescue Center

Travel with Vegan Companions

Package tours with lots of freedom

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Our Destinations

We are currently offering Vegan travels to these awesome vegan destinations.
Check below for more information and for dates, availability & prices.


Travel with us to beautiful Vietnam where the fields are green and fresh fruits and vegetables are plenty.

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Travel with us to exciting Myanmar with its friendly people and amazing Buddhist temples and landscapes.

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Travel with us to friendly and inspiring Nepal with awesome Himalayan landscapes and Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries.

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Travel with us to astonishing Japan with its amazing scenery, impressive cultural heritage and very friendly and polite people.

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New Zealand (coming soon)

Travel with us to New Zealand and discover the most beautiful country on earth.

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Sweden (coming soon)

Explore the natural beauty of Sweden.

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Japanese Girl
Vietnamese Lady
Myanmar man ceremonial
Girl in Bagan
Buddhist Baby Myanmar
Myanmar Girl
Young Monk Myanmar
Myanmar Boy
First Haircut Myanmar
Myanmar Boy in Bus

8 reasons to book your next dream holiday with Samsara Vegan Travels

Travel with Vegan Companions
Eat Vegan food, all the time
Travel in small groups (6-16)
All restaurants checked and approved
Visit Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers
Package tours with plenty of freedom
Very motivated, enthusiastic Vegan tour leaders
Local, English speaking, tour guides
Vegan meal


During travels with Samsara Vegan Travels, much attention is paid to meals that meet the requirements of a Vegan. Of course, we do our very best selecting restaurants that refrain from using animal products in the preparation of the meals. The restaurants we have selected and promote are preferably classified as vegan, so no animal products are used in the kitchen at all. If vegan restaurants are not available, we select vegetarian restaurants. In some locations, not even vegetarian restaurants are available, or dot meet our standard. We will then choose the best 'ordinary' restaurant with vegan options.


Being Vegan entails more than eating a Vegan meal, Samsara Vegan Travels is aware of that. In addition to eating a nutritious and healthy, or deliciously greasy Vegan meal we aim to show compassion to all sentient being by avoiding to exploit animals and people in anyway whatsoever. We will not be visiting zoo's and other places that keep animals in captivity for economical or entertainment reasons. So no elephant rides, visits to snake or crocodile farms, fish markets or other venues where animals (dead or alive) are tortured and exploited. Unfortunately animal cruelty is all around us, there is no way to avoid seeing it. But what we can do is not support it in any way and have a discussion if possible.

Samsara Vegan Travels Turtle
Samsara Vegan Travels - Vietnam - Loris at EPRC

Sanctuaries & Rescue Centers

In our destination countries we carefully select sanctuaries, rescue centers or projects that are worth a visit. The main purpose of these projects or sanctuaries has to be to promote compassion toward all living beings. Mostly this is done by harboring animals that are endangered or threatened or that do not get to live a happy life in that particular country.
We will only visit a sanctuary if it meets our requirements and if it is safe for our travelers to visit. For these reasons some tours might not include a sanctuary visit yet, please check the detailed itinerary of your specific tour.