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We make vegan travel easy and fun!

Explore the world in small groups of like-minded people
& eat delicious vegan food!

Carefree vegan package tours (accommodation, breakfast & transport included)
Experience a sense of connectedness with like-minded people
Explore interesting countries & places
Time to relax and do your own thing if you want
Eat vegan food at carefully selected restaurants
No need to explain yourself at the dinner table or justify your ethics to your travel companions

Our Promise

  vegan travel is easy and fun

  small groups (6-12 people), where possible multi-cultural

  easy access to vegan food

vegan tour leaders

vegan values

freedom to choose

Our Destinations

We are currently offering Vegan travels to these awesome vegan destinations.
Check below for more information and for dates, availability & prices.


Discover Japan with its amazing scenery, impressive cultural heritage and very friendly and polite people.

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Explore the natural beauty and the charming cities of Sweden and meet it's friendly people.

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Travel with us to exciting Myanmar with its unspoiled beauty, amazing temples and mesmerizing landscapes.

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Take a tour around beautiful Vietnam where the fields are green, the fresh fruits and vegetables are plenty and the cities are a pleasant mix of old and new.

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Step into friendly and inspiring Nepal with awesome Himalayan landscapes and Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries.

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Our Story

Stefan & Brenda in Göteborg

We are Stefan and Brenda, owners of Samsara Vegan Travels, and this is our story:

For most of our lives, we have both been avid travelers. Alone and later together, we have had the pleasure and profound luck to be able to see a lot of different countries and experience a lot of different cultures.
Our love story even begins on a website for travelers, if you can believe it!

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Our Values

Everything we do, every decision we make in our company and private lives is based on the guiding belief that it is wrong to harm sentient beings. We are ethical vegans and that is why we seek to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. We also strongly believe that violence is never the answer.

Joy and enjoyment is an important part of life and of our travel experience. Travel should be fun and exciting and our tours are a joyous experience where you will create fond memories.

We feel it is important to have a sense of connectedness with others. That is why we want to build a community of vegan travelers who enjoy sharing experiences and each other's company.
We are dedicated to offering the best service we can. We will do everything within our reasonable power to offer travel experiences you will love. This means we are dedicated to listening to your needs.
Our passion for traveling and the countries we visit guides us in our business endeavors. This means we will never offer tours to destinations we do not feel passionate about.
Freedom of choice is important to us. We believe everyone should have the freedom to choose whether they want to follow our program for excursions and meals or do their own thing.
We believe it is important to be respectful and not don't judge when you don't know what someone's story is. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, including racism, sexism, hetero-sexism, ageism, ableism, and classism. Everyone is welcome and should feel safe with us.
We believe that the practice of exchanging things or ideas with others for mutual benefit is important to create a better world and a better business. We shouldn't just take, but give freely. This is reflected in the choices we make: we like to support local businesses and rescue centers where we can.

"There is a saying: leave only footprints, take only photo's. It is meant to suggest that we should take care of our environment while we are out exploring the world. While we absolutely agree with this statement, on a deeper level, we suggest you leave ideas and kindness and try to have open and honest conversations with people in the countries you visit. Exchange thoughts and ideas and try to learn from them as well.
The days are behind us where we are merely passive travelers. We can learn so much from each other by listening.

So take you pictures and perhaps ask the person you are photographing what they are doing. How they go about their day, why they do certain things the way they do them, without judging.Then put away your camera for a day or two and just enjoy being somewhere else. Observe life as it enfolds before you. Experience it fully by being present.

Memories usually last longer than photographs. Really, they do..."


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What To Expect On Our Travels


Veganism is of course about more than eating a vegan meal. All sentient beings have the right to live and not be harmed, so we actively avoid any exploitation. That is why we won't visit zoos and other places that keep animals in captivity for economical or entertainment reasons. We are opposed to all forms of torture and exploitation and therefore avoid elephant rides, visits to snake or crocodile farms, fish markets or other venues where animals are used.

Unfortunately animal cruelty is all around us. There is no way to avoid seeing it, but we can avoid supporting it in any way and educate others where possible.
Our tours are strictly vegan and it is important to us to make sure all travelers adhere to our basic guidelines:

  • do not consume any non-vegan food in the presence of group members
  • please avoid bringing animal products with you on our tours, such as leather jackets, wool, silk scarfs etc.
  • please do not take any photo's of or selfies with animals in captivity, except for educational purposes, or in approved sanctuaries/rescue centers.
  • please be mindful of the souvenirs (link) you buy and avoid buying non-vegan products. If possible, bring your own vegan toiletries from home, as it might be difficult to find vegan alternatives in some countries.
Delicious vegan food


At Samsara Vegan Travels we pay a lot of attention to meals that meet the vegan requirements. Of course, we do our very best to select all-vegan restaurants, so we can ensure no animal products have been used in the kitchen at all. If vegan restaurants are not available, we select vegetarian restaurants. In some locations, there are no vegan or vegetarian restaurants, or they do not meet our standards. There, we will choose the best restaurants with vegan options and talk to owners and chefs to ensure the food served is indeed vegan. It is very important to us you don't have to worry about this and do not have to spend time looking for food.

Lunch and dinner are not included, but we will always provide you with plenty of options or the possibility to join our tour leaders at a restaurant of their choice.

Although we try to cater for all your vegan culinary needs, some places have more diverse options than others. In some places it might be more difficult to eat healthy food, in others it might be more difficult to eat fast food. We will always take your preferences into account. Let your tour leader know and they will try to accommodate you, if possible.

Traveling With Other Vegans

We believe it is important to feel a sense of connectedness with others. It can be a struggle, as a vegan, to find like-minded people, if you want to travel in groups. When you have to eat with others who eat animals and constantly question or make fun of your veganism, it can really put a damper on your fun and relaxing holiday.

That is why we offer package tours especially for vegans. We want to build a community of vegan travelers who enjoy sharing experiences and explore interesting countries where they can relax and be who they are.

Samsara Vegan Travels - Travelling with others
Sanctuaries & Rescue Centers

Sanctuaries & Rescue Centers

For our tours we carefully select sanctuaries, rescue centers or projects that are ethical, promote animal well-being, and abstain from animal use and abuse in any way. We will only visit a sanctuary if it meets our requirements and if it is safe for our travelers to visit. For these reasons some tours might not include a sanctuary visit. Please check the detailed itinerary of your specific tour.

An Unforgettable Experience

Of course we want you to have the best vegan experience possible on our travels. All of our package tours are designed to give a diverse and exciting taste of the countries, to make vegan food readily available and to connect you with like-minded travelers.

We are passionate about all of the destinations we offer and hope you will get a sense of that passion when you travel with us.

Our tour leaders are committed to making your holiday fun and carefree. They are excellent organisers who will be there to answer any questions you might have and help you with any issues that might arise. Because we value freedom and choice during our travels, our tour leaders operate mostly in the background. They have a lot of knowledge about our destination countries, but they will not shower you with facts and figures all day long. We advise you to bring your own travel guide to get the most out of this trip.
In some countries, for instance Myanmar and Vietnam, we will hire a local guide to assist our tour leaders during our travels. These guides have extensive knowledge of the country and its practices.

An Unforgettable Experience

We work hard to make your trip unforgettable and would love to see you come back!

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